Saturday, August 29, 2009

The coloring of the rocks has begun

Here is a little update on the ArtPrize project. We finally got all of the rocks brazed together in groups so they can be attached to the board later after they're colored. Today Thomas worked on the stand that will hold the piece and I stated coloring the rocks with various chemicals and treatments to get some vibrant colors out of them. The stand Thomas is building is amazing! I will post some pictures of it soon. He is building a stand that kind of hands the sculpture out in front without you really seeing the stand too much at all. He is crazy detailed about getting it perfect. The Lord definitely gave me the right person for the job. The rock coloring is going well. I am really excited by the way they turning out. Sorry I don't have any picture to put on here yet.
One thing I want to take a moment to say is how thankful I am for all of the help I have received from others so far. My dad, Brad Savickas, Scott Ouzts, Josh Koziej all have helped with the production part of it. Laurie and Thomas have done so much for me in this I can't even begin to list it. Insisting I eat with them has been just one of the great blessings. Kellie Norton and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (the venue) have been GREAT too. This has all been a wonderful experience so far! I will post again soon. Please feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section, I would love to answer any questions I can for you.

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