Sunday, May 2, 2010

I forgot...

You forget, ya know.  So easily really.  You forget what's hidden in the quiet because the noise becomes so commonplace.  So you just believe that noise is really the truth, ya know.  But maybe the noise is mostly lies.  I don't know, maybe its not that sinister, maybe its just noise.  Maybe its kind of neutral.  But if life holds good, bad, and neutral, isn't the neutral really just bad after all?  Maybe its the worst kind of bad because it has a disguise and an alias.

Anyways, back to forgetting what lies in quiet reflection.  Maybe the worst thing isn't forgetting all the "whats" found in the silence, but forgetting the "whats" are found there in the first place.  What if the greatest thought, or inspiration, or revelation lies just on the outskirts of a city called "noise" (who some refer to as "life") and we forget to take a stroll out past the glow and clamor of that collective mass.  I'm starting to think that forgetting in general might just be one of the saddest things in life.  Forgetting is a giant eraser to your life. And somehow, despite the many great moments I've enjoyed in quiet solitude, I always end up back at some noisy location thinking "oh that wasn't so great or unique, you just romanticized it you old dreamer."  (which is probably what you are thinking about me right now).  I forget what lies in the quiet.

Lo, I am sticking a marker in the ground right now.  Quiet reflection holds treasures.  -Treasures the noise cannot possibly offer, despite its many claims to the contrary.  Don't forget.