Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 1 results and Day 2 subject request

This is the results of Day 1 of my 30 day experiment.  Ok, so Ken's idea was chosen by random selection from a hat and here is my take.  I have never been too much of a cartoon-type illustrator but this is about stretching  myself so here's a stretch...really.  Its a pretty bad photo of it but if you click on it you can see it a little better.  I hope you at least get the idea.  Ninjas are supposedly always around us, we just don't see them because they're so...uh... ninja-ie.  So here's rush hour in a typical day when everyone in the world is a Ninja.  By the way, that is a dead cat with a throwing star stuck in it, in the road.  I'm not a cat hater, its just what I think a world full of Ninjas would look like.  Ken's Idea, my take.
Alright, day 2.  Let's have some good ideas.  Feel free to re-submit any ideas from previous days that didn't get chosen but also feel free to come up with new ones.  They can be things/feelings/senerios, one word or many, -its up to you.  List them below!


  1. lol awesome :)

    If I might suggest... maybe previous entries not picked stay in the hat of options ?

    #1 Cellar Door

    quite an interesting read if you have never heard it said that Cellar-Door is the most beautiful phrase in the english language.

  2. las meninas!! las meninas!!

  3. RCR.
    If you can decode better do it.
    I wear a Medium or a Large...
    this has been a long time coming!

  4. something like this

    but the light optics and different colors make up a city.

  5. uncomfortable and awkward moments (ex. The Talk)

  6. An angel giving a flaming sword to a small, weak looking child while the darkness is encroaching. (By the by, this subject is like, the story of my life, lol... God is not content to fight our battles for us, but is content to give us the things we need to be "More than conquerors...")

  7. Some more that got put on yesterday's:

    John spach: What the world would look like after the rapture: missing key people like for example airplane pilots.

    Cindy Fish:He will create in me a heart of flesh.

    John Spach: Ejection Seat

    Joseph: the lights at the end of the optics are different colors make up a city

    Joseph: Proverbs 18:24

    Joseph: 4 foot of air

    The random selection will happen shortly

  8. sorry about the name mispell JON!!!

  9. Ellie drew the winner out of my hat...It's Joseph's: the lights at the end of the optics are different colors make up a city. Considering I don't know exactly what he meant by that I will begin my job of interpreting it. But that's ok, I kind of like it that way. I will post what I create later tonight or early tomorrow morning! Thank you all for your suggestions! If you really wan to get yours in there, just resubmit it tomorrow or the next day. A new rule I am going to institute starting tomorrow is that each person will only get one submission a day. If you have several, you can do the others on other days. See ya back here soon!