Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 4 Result, Day 5 Idea Request

Here's today's result of my 30 Day Creative Challenge.  No, its not a beer!  The idea selected from yesterday was Michael's, who simply suggested, "Tea."  So I brewed a pot of tea, poured myself a hot cup, got my oil paints out and painted my hot cup of tea in my favorite clear tea mug.  I like to drink tea out of this mug because I can see how strong or weak i have made it very easily.  This was painted with only Titanium White, Ivory Black, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and a touch of Yellow Ochre Light.  This is the one I've had the most fun doing but probably only because this is more my style.  Oh well, I did it in under two hours so I am most happy with that fact.  Usually when I have an inspiration for a painting I consider how to go about it, sketch it, plan it out, and then consider all the work its going to take to complete it and I get overwhelmed and never tackle it, let alone finish it.  This little experiment has been very encouraging to my and what I think it takes to produce something I am not embarrassed of.  This one's yours Michael.  Ok y'all,   let's hear your next batch of ideas!  I don't know how crazy my night will be tomorrow but hopefully I can hit it again then.  Get your ideas in by 5pm tomorrow evening just in case!


  1. Thanks Kirk! It looks really fantastic, and I'm mostly glad that you had fun doing it. We'll have to get together and drink some tea.

  2. large hadron collider from the inside

  3. shades of grey won. now, if i can just get to it.