Monday, November 17, 2008

So Here We Go...

I thought I would start a blog updating my progress as I attempt to carve out a living as an artist. I don't know who will read it or if anyone will. But here goes anyways. I thought I would have day-to-day updates on what I'm working on, what I'm doing and get input from anyone who leaves it.

So to start things off, here are a couple pictures of my studio. It's not very clean but its comfortable. I spend a lot of time here alone. Sometimes thats just what I need, and other times I drives me insane. I'm definately a people person, and art brings me in contact with people, but its a little lonely sometimes too. No complaints though!

Here is one of the Paintings I'm working on lately. It will probably be called "Afternoon Brook" (that's what I'm calling it now anyway). It's a stream bed with many different colored rocks in the bottom, sun sparkling on them and three rocks sticking out of the water with ripples as the water flows around them. It is proving to be quite an undertaking! If not for the fact that is water, and sun, ripples, then maybe for the fact that it's big, or possibly because there are just so many dang rocks! Oh well, when it's finished I think could possibly end up being my favorite painting.
I will post more soon about the other paintings I'm working on. Please leave comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. wow whendid you remodel that little work shop, it looks like a great little studio space now.

  2. about a year ago with the intent of shaping and glassing surfboards in there! lol.